The Founder

Who is Gillian Benjamin? Known as Fitness Model, Gillian is one of the health and fitness experts in Malaysia, Athlete, Canterbury Ambassador, Garmin Sponsored Athlete, Corporate Speaker, Fitness Manager ad various personal appearances. She has over 9 years experience as a Personal Trainer. She have monitored a GROUP of more than 50 over people who successfully reduced more than 7% body fat under her supervision in 12 weeks as well as those who would wish to gain muscle. She have also managing and supervise underweight patient and over weight (>100 kg) clients, age between 8 years to senior’s age with injuries, special needs and medical condition.

Gillian Qhal Fitness


- Canterbury Ambassador- Garmin Sponsored Athelete- Founder Lose Belly Inchess Challenge- Fitness Model- Certified Personal Trainer- Transformation Challenge Head of Coach (Season 1-5)- Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia Team Leader (Putrajaya 2 Season 1 to 8)- Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia Icon Team Leader- Director for GQ Fitness Malaysia- Best Personal Trainer 2011-2012 Award- Best Personal Trainer 2012-2013 Award- LoudMouth Brand Ambassador 2014/2015- Liquido Malaysia Ambassador 2013/2014- 1st Runner up Liquido Miss Bikini 2013- 2nd Runner up Miss Hard Rock Penang 2013- Represent Malaysia Miss Hard Rock Southeast Asia 2013- Finalist MIMMA (Malaysia Invasion Mix Martial Art) Ring Girl 2013- Rugby Contact & Touch Rugby Player- Boxer / Kick Boxer


Certifications / Qualifications:

- Diploma in Diet & Weight loss by (SHAW Academy)

- ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

- Certified Power Plate Trainer

- Certified in Strength and Conditioning

- TRX Certified

- CPR & AED Certified

- Kettlebell Training Course

- Functional Training Course

- Post Natal Course

- Resistant Motion Training (RMT) Course

- Rehab / Sport Injuries / Massage Course

- Trigger Point Massage Course

- General Health (AID) Course

- ARKE Training Program Course

- Diets & Nutrition Course

- Marathon and triathlon Training Program Course

- Self Myofascial Release (SMR)

- Beginners Cross Fit Program Course

- Kids Fitness

- Swimming Coach Level 2


Who is Qhal Isnariah? 10 years experience in Sport & Fitness industry, knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and healthy diet. Expert in Sports and lower back management. Specialize in Cardiovascular Conditioning, full time coaching/ PT. National Rugby Athlete, Former Weightlifter, X Dancer , Corporate Speaker, Fitness Model.

Gillian Qhal Fitness

Certifications / Qualifications:


  • Diploma in Nutrition-Level 2 Certificate in Vibro Gym-Level 1 Rugby Coaching Certified iRB-Certificate in Exercise for the Management of  Low Back Pain-Certificate in Nutritional Interventions for Obesity and Diabetes-Au. Certified Strength & Conditioning-Certified Body Combat Au-TRX Rip & Suspension Training Course-Sport Specific training Course-Rehab / Sport Injuries / Massage Course-CPR & AED Certified-Kettle bell Training Course-Functional Training Course-Self Myofascial Release (SMR)-Master Trainer


Garmin Sponsored Athlete 2017

Canterbury Ambassador 2017

GQ Fitness Director 2015 - Present

Fit2 Live Ambassador 2014

National Rugby Athlete 2010 – 2015

Canterbury Rugby Model 2015

Top Personal Trainer 2013

Best Performance Trainer 2013

Most Improve player 2009

Body Combat LessMill Instructor 2008

Kick Boxing Instructor CF 2008

Aerobics Instructor 2007

Weightlifter 2006

Corporate Speaker