GQ Fitness Gym & Studio

'Finding a great place to workout? GQ Fitness Its team of personal trainers, physiotherapists, dietitian, and nutritionists are also available to offer guidance and advice for those who need it. 

The gym is located in Precinct 15 Putrajaya, Nilai University Nilai Negeri Sembilan and Ayer Keroh Mudzaffar Hotel.

GQ Fitness has been providing its expertise in high-intensity workouts since 2013. Classes combine weightlifting, endurance training, and gymnastics to help members address all aspects of their fitness.

There are classes for all levels, ladies program and special free lifetime membership for elderly people and the gym has also created a special workout plan for kids.

Besides being one of the best gyms in Putrajaya is also known for being one of the most affordable and inclusive.'

The Founder

GQ Fitness Malaysia

Who is Qhal Isnariah? Over 10 years of experience in the Sport & Fitness industry, knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and a healthy diet.  Expert in Sports and lower back management. Specialize in Cardiovascular Conditioning, full-time coaching/ PT. National Rugby Athlete, Former Weightlifter, X Dancer, Corporate Speaker, Fitness Model. 



Garmin Sponsored Athlete 2017.

Canterbury Ambassador 2017.

GQ Fitness Director 2015.

Physique Competitor.

Fit2 Live Ambassador 2014.

National Rugby Athlete 2010 – 2015.

Canterbury Rugby Model 2015.

Top Personal Trainer 2013.

Best Performance Trainer 2013.

Most Improve player 2009.

Body Combat LessMill Instructor 2008.

Kick Boxing Instructor CF 2008.

Aerobics Instructor 2007.

Weightlifter 2006.

Corporate Speaker.